All events at the USSSA Space Coast Stadium are ticketed events and admission prices may vary per the nature of the event. Admissions can be purchased at the front of the stadium, kiosks at the Quad “A” entrance and online, please visit the event page for the link to purchase admissions. For athletes & coaches credentials will be distributed at registration.


Prior to arriving at the USSSA Space Coast Stadium, all quests will receive information that will include all of the pertinent information in regards to when, how and at what location to check in your team. Please ensure that all paper work is completed prior to arrival and leave plenty of time prior to your first game to complete this process. At registration you will be receiving your athlete and coaches credentials at this time and will not be granted access to the complex until completed and credentials are given to all team members.


The two entrances to the complex (Main stadium location and Quad “A” will open 1 hour prior to the first scheduled game. These times could change so please check the event information page that was sent to you.


All USSSA Space Coast Stadium guests & participants are expected to exhibit sportsmanship and respect of others on the premises. Any physical, verbal and or emotional abuse will not be tolerated and may result in the individual(s) being escorted off property. Please refer to the tournament rules as well for conduct as it pertains to the event and association. 


The safety of all of our guests and participants is our number one priority. In the event of lightning or severe weather conditions, all competition will be suspended and all quests will be directed to the Stadium concourse or vehicles. Please await an announcement from Complex officials and or tournament officials for when it is safe to resume play. For specific tournament rules please refer back to the event information and event specific policies.


Parking is all at your own risk, USSSA Space Coast Stadium in not responsible for anything stolen or broken in a vehicle. Please make sure you lock all doors and roll up all windows.


USSSA guests will not be permitted to bring in coolers, drinks or outside food & Beverage into the USSSA Space Coast Stadium. Players are allowed to bring in individual drinks into the complex as we will also provide hydration stations in the dugouts. Due to the synthetic turf at the USSSA Space Coast Stadium peanuts, sunflower seeds and gum are prohibited into the complex. Concession stands will be located in the Stadium and in each one of the A, B & C Quads.       


Guests & Participants are not permitted to use Skateboards, Scooters anywhere on property. Bicycles are permitted for any the use of complex staff and tournament directors in specific areas.


No smoking or other use of tobacco products including, but not limited to, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, snuff or chewing tobacco is permitted in any part of the USSSA Space Coast competitive venues.


Outside alcohol & drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited at the USSSA Space Coast Stadium with the exclusion of prescription medicine.


With the exception of service animals. Pets are not permitted inside the USSSA Space Coast Stadium including parking lots.


USSSA Space Coast Stadium guests are not to partake in any tailgating prior to or post any event taking place at the complex


Tents are allowed into the USSSA Space Coast Stadium outside the playing surface and only can be place on natural grass or hardscape locations. Please make sure they are secure and weighted down with straps, please do not stake into the ground/grass.


The flight of drones at the USSSA Space Coast Stadium property are strictly prohibited for the safety of our guests and participants. 


Please do not feed or toss anything in the direction of alligators, if you see an alligator please notify an employee of the alligators location.