2022 League Rules and Regulations

9-week league plus single elimination tournament week (10 weeks total)

Monday Nights – DOUBLE HEADERS! 

2 Divisions – 8 Men’s Teams & 8 Corporate/Co-Ed Teams

Start – 1/10/22 End – 3/28/22

(Holiday Bye Weeks: 1/17/22, 2/21/22)

Game Times- 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm (All games will be live streamed on USSSAlive.com)

Entry Fee – $500.00 per team 

League prizes (for both divisions):

1st Place-  $500 CASH + 2 New Bats

2nd Place- $150 CASH + 1 New Bat 

Registration Due by January 2nd, 2022!

Competitive/Men’s Team Registration – Click Here 

Co-ed/Corporate Team Registration – Click Here 

  • league rosters are limited to a maximum of 18 Players. (Male or Female)
  • Roster will be approved by Andy Purcell and Nic Santana
  • At any point during the league if your team is ruled “too good” the team will start the game down an agreed amount of runs. (this will be assigned by Andy Purcell or Nic Santana)
  • Teams will be allowed to add player to the rosters until completion of week 8
  • Each team must fill out an USSSA wavier form with all required information filled out and signed by each player. (This will act as a team roster. Managers will bring this to the first game completed and give to the USSSA league manager. Each time a player is added they will need to come sign the waiver/roster. If a player fails to sign the waiver/roster before game starts the team will forfeit the game)
  • Players must be 18 years or older to play. If a person’s younger than 18 wants to play speak to the USSSA league manager for correct waivers.
  • A player may only be on one team roster per league. Failure to comply with will result in a player ejection for that week and will be suspended for the following week as well.
  • ILLEGAL PLAYER– if any illegal players are reported the game they played will be forfeited and further punishment for player and team will be up to USSSA league manager.
League rules-
  • Line Up cards will be turned into the umpire and traded with other team’s mangers at the home plate meeting 5 minutes before game time. ***Line ups must include last name and number***
  • Pitching screen will be provided on each field. It is up to the team if they want to use the screen or not. The decision for the pitching screen must be made at the umpire meeting and reported to the umpire. That decision is ruled in effect the complete game. If the screen is being used during a game, it must be either touching the rubber or in front of the rubber but still within the pitching rubbers width. Also the pitcher is allowed to still make plays on the batted ball. If the batted ball hits the screen with no strikes on the batter it is only a foul ball. If the screen is hit when the batter already has a strike called the batter is out.
  • All Games (including tournament) are 7 innings with a 55-minute time limit. Games are played in full unless run rule or time runs out. When time runs out the umpire will finish the inning no new inning will be started.
  • Run rule
    • A team is ahead by 20 runs after 3 completed innings
    • A team is ahead by 15 runs after 4 completed innings
    • A team is ahead by 10 runs after 5 completed innings
  • Tie breaker– will consist of 1 pitch at bats. No tie breaker may go past 2 innings if game is tied after those 2 innings it will go as a tie. Tournament play the games will be played till we get a winner.
  • Weather Delays. Lightening will be the only reason we delay the games. We will complete games that night as soon as the lightening in the area clears. Once our horn goes off there will be a minimum of 30-minute delay.  If games are cancelled due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, we will try to reschedule the games by adding a double header to the following week. Teams must be prepared to plate late some nights if we reschedule for double headers and or have lightening delays.
  • Game time is forfeit time. A 10-minute grace time will be given for the 6:30pm game times only! Teams must have a minimum of 9 players to start the game. (if a team only has 8 it is up to the opposing team if they want to take a forfeit or play the game)
  • Teams are allowed to bat up to 12 players. (2 extra hitters)
  • Courtesy runners– 1 per inning.
    • Batter must reach the base before asking for a runner.
    • Courtesy runner must be in the line up to be eligible.
    • If the courtesy runners batting spot comes up while he or she is running that is considered an out and the runner will take their spot in the batter’s box.
  • HOMERUNS– 3 per team per game. any after that will be considered and out.
  • Field dimensions
    • Fences 325 feet
    • Bases 70 feet with a safety base (Runner must touch safety base when running to/threw 1st If they touch the white bag they will be called out)
    • Pitching distance 50 feet
  • Balls (PRO-M)- Each game an umpire is given 1 new ball and 3 used balls. Teams are responsible for getting foul balls and home runs. The umpire will not be given any more balls during your game. If at point the umpire runs out of balls the clock stays running until teams retrieve foul balls or homeruns. (only way the rule is bent is by balls going into the pond therefore USSSA league manager will hand out more balls)
  • Bats– USSSA approved bats. (bats will be taken and tested and inspected if a pitcher is hit no questions asked)
  • Pitching rules are USSSA rules-
    • Must toe the rubber
    • Strike zone mat will be used on each field
  • Umpires– 1 per field except championship game will be 2.
  • Uniforms- all teams must have jerseys in similar color with a number. NUMBERS ARE REQUIRED.
  • Player ejections– if a player is ejected during the game they must leave the complex and is suspended for the following week as well.
  • Protests: The protest must be declared to the umpire before the next pitch of the game is thrown. A manger must file a written protest the night of the game with a $40 protest fee that must be paid when written request is turned in. ($40 will be returned if protest is upheld)
Season Ending tournament-
  •  Single elimination seeded tournament on week10
    • At the end of the 9 weeks of play teams will be seeded by their records. If teams are having the same record the team with the most runs scored will be the higher seeded team.
    • Higher seeded team will be home team.
    • Tournament will consist of 23 total game. Loser of game 21 and 22 will play to see who will win 3rd place prize money.
    • League rules apply to all tournament games except for the finals. There will be no time limits and must have a winner.